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Residential Services


Routine/Basic Cleans

Maintain your Domain

Our basic cleans are aimed at keeping the level of clean in your home. We offer scheduling on two- or four-week rotations. We can service the entire home or specific areas like kitchen and baths.

Detail Cleans

Devil in the Details

Our Detail service takes takes aim at your home's dirty, little secrets. We spend extra time in your kitchen and bath, touch up window tracking, baseboards, vent covers, and more!


Deep Cleans

Terrors of the Deep

You know that door in horror movies you find yourself begging that fool not to open? That's your fridge door.
If your oven, hood vent, outdoor grill, or refrigerator makes you want to scream...pick up the phone and call Bighorn.
Do you like scary movies?

Moving Cleans

Cleaner than you found it

Whether moving out and need that place inspection ready or you just moved in and want a good once over, we've got you covered.


Routine/Basic Cleans

We offer two or four-week rotations that can be custom tailored to your needs. Just need bathrooms and kitchen? Done. Want the basement every other clean? Roger that .

If it's been a while since your last cleaning, an Initial Basic will most likely be required. This is a more thorough version of a Basic Clean which allots additional time in each area for extra build up.

The bones of the Routine/Basic clean are:

  • Dusting of reachable surfaces and window sills in living and bedrooms 

  • Spot cleaning windows

  • Feather dusting pictures, knick-knacks, blinds, fans, and lights (when reachable)

  • Cobweb maintenance

  • Cleaning and sanitizing all kitchen and bathroom surfaces

  • Sinks, tubs, showers, toilets

  • Exterior of kitchen appliances and cabinets

  • Microwave interior

  • Sanitizing high-touch areas like doorknobs, handrails, and light switches

  • Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping of floors

  • Bed services available

  • Exterior of laundry appliances

  • Taking out trash/recycling and replacing liners where applicable

Detail Cleans

The Detail clean allows the time to get into those nooks-&-crannies and, in addition to all the elements of a Basic Clean, includes the following:

  • Cleaning baseboards, handrails, balusters

  • Thorough dusting in which most picture frames and knick-knacks will be moved to clean surfaces

  • High dusting - ledges, sills, fans

  • Exposed window tracking of reachable windows

  • Air duct grills and vent covers

  • Door trim and moldings

Deep Cleans

Add 'em on or buy separartly

Deep cleaning is a crucial part of a safe and clean home. A dirty oven, hood, or grill can spell fire disaster if not cleaned once a year (or more for you home chefs). Spills or food that has fallen behind shelving in your refrigerator could be forming mold and leading to possible contamination and/or further spoilage. And what about underneath those appliances? A positive paradise for a pest...

You may purchase a Deep clean on its own or add these services to any clean for an additional fee. Oven, fridge, and floors underneath are included in a Moving clean.

Moving Cleans

Tenants, Landlords, Brokers and Buyers - we've got you covered

Moving can be a hassle. Don't let cleaning or worrying about if it was cleaned add to your anxieties! Whether you're Moving IN or OUT we can customize your cleaning plan to fit your needs. Don't need the oven cleaned? Scratch that. Need to add on a little carpet cleaning? We can handle that too. While we can adjust service to accommodate your particular situation, the typical Moving Clean will include all the elements of a Basic and Detail Clean plus:

  • Cabinet interiors 

  • Closet interiors

  • Deep cleaning of fridge and oven interiors

  • Cleaning floors underneath fridge and oven (will only be done if appliance can safely be moved without damaging floor, surrounding areas, or injury to an employee. This is rare but it happens.)

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